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What does the policy cover?


Included in the policy if the section is selected:

  • Subsidence and landslip included under the buildings section
  • Accidental damage cover on buildings
  • Power surge is automatically included
  • Locks and keys
  • Water leakage
  • Garden plants
  • Accidental damage of fish stocks
  • Damage caused by animals
  • Clean up costs
  • Signs and signposts
  • Greening
  • Removal of bees, wasps, hornets and fallen trees


  • Personal effects of guests automatically included up to a limit of R30,000 (unless otherwise insured)
  • Trauma counselling costs
  • Bilking cover included
  • Goods in the open
  • Accidental damage cover on the contents
  • Garden plants if they are damaged or destroyed during fire-fighting operations or by a motor vehicle
  • Signs and signposts
  • Money
  • Loss of data on computers
  • Damage by laundry
  • Automatic cover included for each fridge or deep-freeze
Income Booster

Loss of revenue

  • Fire, storm or flood
  • Telecommunications breakdown
  • Suicide, murder or rape or any attempt thereat
  • Shark or wild animal attack or oil spillage
  • Cancellation of event
  • Staff stay-away (legal or otherwise)
  • Failure of essential equipment e.g. air conditioners
  • Death or hospitalisation of a “key member”, being a spouse, partner or manager
  • Traumatic event at the premises
  • Cancellation beyond the control of the guest
  • Theft: subject to seven-day excess from date reported to the company and limited to 30 days from date of loss
  • Noise pollution from premises within 250 metres of the establishment
  • Cover for Prevention of Access up to 50 kilometres


  • Contingent liability up to R2 million if an employee uses his or her vehicle for the business of the establishment
  • Passenger liability with same limit as liability section up to R50 million
  • NO-BLAME BONUS: means no excess is applicable and No Claim Bonus will not be affected on the motor section (not applicable to executive motor section) if it is clear that the insured driver is not to blame

BnB Sure Assist

Toll-free Numbers: 0800 55 66 77 or 0861 976 656

BnB Sure Assist is on all policies and includes cover for certain electrical and plumbing problems such as blocked drains (not septic tanks), plus it can cover appliance breakdown to items such as washing machines, tumble driers, fridges and TV sets at a nominal callout fee of R280.

Household services

Provides cover for the cost of labour and parts for electrical and plumbing services at your bed and breakfast establishment or guesthouse, subject to a callout fee of R280, for the following:

  • Electrical or plumbing
  • Distribution boards and earth leakage
  • Faulty lights and light switches
  • Faulty plugs and burnt plug points
  • Power failures
  • Relays
  • General house wiring
  • Geyser thermostats, valves and elements
  • Blocked baths, sinks, traps and drains
  • Burst pipes and leaks (toilets etc.)
  • Shower outlets
  • Tap washers
  • Toilet rubbers
  • Water connections

Excluding: electric gates and garage doors, jacuzzi pumps, swimming pool pumps and any item covered by the Appliance Maintenance section.

Appliance maintenance on first loss basis

Repairs to the following domestic appliances and subject to an excess of R280:

  • Television sets
  • Sound systems
  • DVD and Video machines
  • Fridges
  • Freezers
  • Stoves
  • Microwave ovens
  • Washing machines
  • Tumble driers
  • Dishwashers

Excluding: all commercial type equipment, all handheld or portable items.

Auto assist

Assistance with mechanical and electrical breakdown; towing service to the nearest place of repair or safe-keeping following such breakdown or following a motor accident to any vehicle stated on the policy schedule.

  • Jump-start service
  • Tyre change service
  • Fuel: in the event of the vehicle running out of fuel, 10 litres will be supplied
  • Keys locked in the vehicle
  • The limit of cover in respect of towing for mechanical or electrical breakdown is R3,000. No excess is applicable to the section

BnB Club

Automatic membership of BnB Club to policyholders. The club offers discounts to our customers for a variety of goods and services.

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Legal service

Advice on any legal or labour matter.

Medical service

Advice on medical problems.