BnB Sure - The Only Insurance Policy Created By B&B and Guesthouse Owners for B&B's and Guesthouses

About BnB Sure

  • Mission Statement
  • Vision
  • The Company
  • BnB Sure's Philosophy
  • 100% Focus on B&B's &
  • Tourism Ambassadors

To be recognised as the insurer of choice to the Bed and Breakfast and Guesthouse industry in South Africa.

To achieve our Mission Statement by:

- offering an innovative and relevant product

- providing service levels that exceed expectations

- pricing the product correctly

- developing a brand loyalty

- developing long term client relationships.

BnB Sure was established in 1999 in answer to the insurance problems faced by the fledgling B&B and Guesthouse industry in South Africa.

In developing the policy we learnt quickly that this industry is unlike any other in that in most cases the owner is opening his or her home to total strangers and with that come risks for both the establishment owner and the guest that are unique.

BnB Sure's philosophy from those early days was the the industry itself should dictate the cover needed and this continues to the present time.

As a result it is the only policy in South Africa that has been developed completely in conjunction with the industry it serves, the result being that we really do understand the B&B and guesthouse industry because we continually talk to it and listen to its needs.

In addition BnB Sure is the only company involved with the insurance of B&Bs and Guesthouses in South Africa with a complete focus on that sector of the tourism industry which allows us to give it our 100% attention and not have to worry about other classes of insurance at the same time.

We believe that our policy holders are all 'Tourism Ambassadors' for South Africa and provide the highest level of accommodation they can.

We recognise this by acknowledging the status of Tourism Ambassador to all those establishments insured by BnB Sure and we invite them to display the Tourism Ambassadors Certificate which incorporates the Seal of Insurance.